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BICOM Briefing: The dispute over Susiya

Key Points: Khirbet Susiya is a small Palestinian village of temporary structures in the West Bank, which the Israeli High Court has ruled were constructed…

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BICOM Expert View: Red lines and pitfalls for the Iran deal and beyond – A conversation with Michael Herzog

In this BICOM expert view paper, Brig. Gen. (res.) Michael Herzog assesses the underlying concerns with the Iran nuclear negotiations, the implications for the region and how the P5+1 can strengthen the deal.

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BICOM Briefing: UNHRC report into the 2014 Gaza conflict

This briefing looks at the main elements of the UNHRC report into the 2014 Gaza conflict and assesses some issues with the report, including problems with its commissioning, contested findings and omissions.

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Iran's Nuclear Programme

BICOM Poll of Polls

The BICOM Poll of Polls is produced for BICOM by Arieh Kovler based on a selected basket of opinion polls published in Israel each week.