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Huffington Post: Brinkmanship Risks Taking Israelis and Palestinians to the Edge, by Dr Toby Greene

In a Senate committee hearing on Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israelis and Palestinians that it was their responsibility to take the tough decisions. He was forced to return to Washington last week without an agreement to extend negotiations beyond their current deadline at the end of April. He highlighted unhelpful steps on both sides.

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Analysis: Israeli-Palestinian talks at a critical juncture

BICOM Director of Research Dr. Toby Greene briefed a BICOM conference call at a critical juncture in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, with questions surrounding the fourth release of Palestinian prisoners scheduled for the coming days, and the extension of talks beyond their deadline at the end of April.

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BICOM Briefing: PM Cameron visiting Israel and the PA, 12-13 March

BICOM prepared a background briefing in advance of David Cameron’s first official visit to Israel as Prime Minister, looking at the aims of the visit and recent developments in the UK-Israel bilateral relationship.

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