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The Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on UK’s role in the fight against ISIL – BICOM’s Written Evidence

BICOM has submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry on ‘The fight against ISIL: the UK’s role inquiry’. The Committee…

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Fathom Forum: Michael Herzog | How to defeat ISIS without empowering Tehran

BICOM Senior Visiting Fellow Brig. Gen. (res.) Michael Herzog, fresh from discussions with policy-makers in Israel and the US, addresses the burning question: How can…

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Fathom Journal: Michael Herzog | Deterring Iran: Time for a new mindset

As the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 goes into effect with the announcement of Implementation Day and the lifting of major international sanctions,…

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Wave of Terror

BICOM Poll of Polls

The BICOM Poll of Polls is produced for BICOM by Arieh Kovler based on a selected basket of opinion polls published in Israel each week.