BICOM Analysis: Talks deadline has passed, now what?

The nine month period for talks agreed by Israelis and Palestinians in July 2013 has passed. Following PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to advance towards a unity government with Hamas, Israel has suspended efforts to renew negotiations for now. This analysis assesses what this mean for the peace talks and what is likely to happen next.

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The Apartheid Smear

The idea that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’ is the intellectual foundation of the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel (BDS). This pamphlet shows it is a smear: a malicious lie that does huge damage to the peace process.

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Amos Harel assesses the Hamas-Fatah Unity Deal

On Thursday 24 April 2014 Amos Harel, a leading security analyst for Haaretz gave a phone briefing following the news that Fatah and Hamas have agreed a unity deal that could lead to the formation of a new Palestinian government. Harel discussed the deal and its implications, in particular for the peace talks and security coordination in the West Bank.

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