Aluf Benn on Benjamin Netanyahu

On 25 November, BICOM Senior Research Fellow and Fathom editor Prof. Alan Johnson interviewed Aluf Benn, Editor in Chief of Haaretz, to get his view…

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BICOM Briefing: Israeli public opinion on the peace process

Despite setbacks, support for the two state solution has remained consistent among the Israeli public for more than a decade.
However, Israelis remain sceptical about the outcome of the peace talks and about the Palestinians as reliable partners.
Whilst Israelis are divided over particular concessions, surveys indicate clear majority support for a ‘yes’ vote in any future referendum on a deal.

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Israel’s policy on the Negev Bedouin, an interview with Mark Regev

On Thursday 27 November Mark Regev, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman for the international media, spoke with Richard Pater, the Director of BICOM’s Israel office, about Israeli government policy towards the Negev Bedouin. Listen to the interview and read an edited transcript.

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