Prospect Magazine: How will Ariel Sharon be remembered? by Dr Toby Greene

In a remarkably prescient passage of Amos Oz’s 1991 novel Fima, one of his characters—a taxi driver—voices his views on the peace process. The cabby…

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Ariel Sharon’s legacy, an interview with David Landau

To assess the legacy of Ariel Sharon, BICOM Director of Research Toby Greene interviewed David Landau, former editor of Haaretz, correspondent for The Economist and the author of a major new biography of Ariel Sharon entitled ‘Arik’, published this month by Knopf.

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Ariel Sharon: Time Line

From his birth in Kfar Malal in 1928, through all of Israel’s wars, to his implementation of the Disengagement Plan as prime minister in 2005. This time line covers the key events in the life of Ariel Sharon.

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