BICOM Expert View: What happened to the Israel-Turkey reconciliation?

Several months after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologised to Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayep Erdogan over the Mavi Marmara incident, the deal to restore…

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FPC Briefing: Two-state solution still indispensable and achievable, by Dr. Toby Greene

BICOM’s Director of Research Dr. Toby Greene makes the case that there is no alternative one state ‘solution’ to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and that whilst adverse trends are making a two-state agreement harder to achieve, none of these are fatal to it.

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Ehud Yaari on Egypt’s chaos and its implications for Israel

Leading Israeli Middle East expert Ehud Yaari briefed journalists on a BICOM conference call on the implications for Israel of the situation in Egypt, including security in the Sinai, and the impact on Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. This is a written summary of his remarks.

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