The Telegraph: Nicolas Anelka, the ‘quenelle’ and the history of demonising Jews by Prof Alan Johnson

When he was first challenged about his stiff-arm “quenelle” salute, Nicolas Anelka claimed the quenelle was an “anti-establishment” not an anti-Semitic gesture. The West Brom footballer…

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Leading the Israeli opposition: An interview with Isaac ‘Bougie’ Herzog

On Tuesday 7 January, Director of BICOM’s Israel Office Richard Pater and Director of Research Toby Greene interviewed Isaac ‘Bougie’ Herzog, the recently elected leader…

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Left Foot Forward: Ariel Sharon’s mixed legacy by Richard Pater

Arik Sharon, as he was affectionately known to Israelis, will be buried later today next to his beloved wife Lily on Anemone Hill in the…

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