An Analysis of the Palestinian unity government by Avi Issacharoff

Read the edited transcript of the briefing by Avi Issacharoff following the swearing in of the Palestinian unity government.

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The Telegraph: Can the peace talks get back on track? by Prof Alan Johnson

In this article published by the Telegraph on 22 May 2014, BICOM Senior Research Fellow Prof. Alan Johnson examines the multiple reasons for the stalling of recent peace talks, and how the process might get back on track.

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The Jewish Chronicle: After Kerry, does Plan B make sense? by Dr Toby Greene

In this essay published by the Jewish Chronicle on 22 May 2014, BICOM Director of Research Dr. Toby Greene assesses a new wave of Israeli ‘Plan B’ proposals to advance towards a two state reality, even in the absence of a final status agreement.

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General Election 2015

BICOM Poll of Polls

The BICOM Poll of Polls is produced for BICOM by Arieh Kovler based on a selected basket of opinion polls published in Israel each week.