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Al-Monitor: Expect drama as attorney general weighs Netanyahu indictment, by Ben Caspit

The Israel police has announced its recommendation for Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara for receiving bribes in the so-called Case 4000, concerning Netanyahu’s ties with telecommunication mogul Shaul Elovitch.

In the coming weeks, Netanyahu will have to make the most important decision in his life. Since he has never really fought for peace but limited himself to maintaining the status quo, his upcoming decision will be a dramatic one; it will determine the way in which the Netanyahu era will come to an end, if indeed it does end. Will he drag Israel into a state of internal chaos? Or will he relax his grip on power and instead try to extricate himself from the imbroglio with minimum damage to all the parties involved? Will Netanyahu try to continue to serve as prime minister during the trial, or will he direct his efforts at a plea bargain?

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