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Haaretz: Gabbay’s mission impossible: Revive a despondent and divided Labor Party in time for election, by Chemi Shalev

In days of yore, before Benjamin Netanyahu seized total control, Likud conferences were renowned for their bloody battles, harsh debates, inflamed emotions and perpetual pandemonium. Their rivals at Labor, with the notable exception of the fierce feud between Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, preferred to draw blood and to settle accounts in discrete backrooms.

Nowadays the Likud resembles a tough military academy in which no one dare speak without raising a hand and receiving dispensation from Netanyahu the Eternal. Labor, on the other hand, staged a raucous party convention on Thursday night in Tel Aviv that was a cauldron of whistles, heckles, boos, profanities and an unusually savage personal attack on party leader Avi Gabbay by popular and arguably overwrought Member of Knesset Eitan Cabel.

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