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Ynet: Why do Israelis have a soft spot for generals as politicians? by Sever Plocker

Why do Israelis have a soft spot for generals as politicians? They were born eight years apart. One of them was born to traditionally Jewish parents who immigrated to Israel from the ruins of post-war Europe, while the other also came from a traditional home, with parents who immigrated to the Jewish state from turbulent North Africa.

Both were talented children who were accepted at prestigious schools. Both worked during their vacations — one in the fields and the other in hotels. After graduating from high school, both were drafted into the Israel Defense Forces, and continued as career soldiers after their compulsory service. One remained in the army, moving up through the ranks, while the other retired after reaching the rank of a major. The latter studied economics studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and began working in the Finance Ministry’s Budget Division, at the time seen as the civil service’s most prestigious department. After deciding to leave the civil service, he climbed to the top in the private sector and was appointed CEO of Bezeq—one of the most biggest and most important corporations in Israel.

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