Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called the Non-Aligned summit that is currently taking place in Tehran “a disgrace and a stain on humanity.” Netanyahu added that the participation of representatives of over 120 countries at the conference showed that “many in the international community appear to have learned nothing.”

Netanyahu referred to statements made by the regime in Tehran in denial of the Holocaust, saying that participants at the summit were “saluting a regime that not only denies the Holocaust but pledges to annihilate the Jewish state, brutalises its own people, colludes in the murder of thousands of innocent Syrians and leads millions in chanting ‘Death to America, death to Israel’.”

Netanyahu’s words came at the same time UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on his Iranian hosts at the Non-Aligned Movement summit to stop threats against Israel. Earlier on Wednesday, Ban spoke out on his Iranian hosts’ threats against Israel, which he called inflammatory and offensive. Ban also deplored Tehran’s human rights record and lack of cooperation with the UN.

“We have discussed how the United Nations can work together with Iran to improve the human rights situation in Iran. We have our serious concerns on the human rights abuses and violations in this country,” Ban said.

The summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, which officially begins in Tehran tomorrow, is the biggest international gathering in the capital for three decades. The two-day summit, which caps a week of meetings in Tehran, involves delegates and leaders from 50 countries of the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will be attending the meeting, his first visit to Iran since he was elected PA President in 2005. Egypt’s newly-elected President Mohammed Mursi will also attend, marking the first visit by an Egyptian leader to Iran since the Islamic Revolution there in 1979.