“How do you want to reach an agreement with us when you’ve just signed an agreement with the people who have vowed to kill us?…

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Ynet: Hamas wins, Abbas loses, by Ron Ben-Yishai

When one examines the articles of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah, one can quickly understand that this is an old soup that has…

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Ynet: It’s Israel’s turn to stretch out its arm, by Ambassador Matthew Gould

As I write, the peace negotiations seem precariously balanced. The news in the last few days have been dominated by stories about the difficulties, and…

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Times of Israel: Dismantle the Palestinian Authority? Not likely, by Avi Issacharoff

At least three Palestinian threats have become a recurrent ritual, repeating themselves every few months: (1) the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas from the presidency of…

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Foreign Policy: What Washington Is Missing in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, by Michael Singh

The recent near-collapse of Secretary of State John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts unleashed the characteristic wave of criticism that predictably follows in the wake of…

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Times of Israel: Don’t silence the Israeli left, by Lorin Bell-Cross

‘Its fine to criticise Israel, I criticise Israel all the time, but the boycott movement only want to delegitimize Israel’. That’s what I heard recently…

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