There will be no compromise when it comes to the terror tunnels. The IDF is fighting these tunnels and will complete their neutralisation. This is…

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LA Times: Gaza tunnel network threat leaves Israelis shaken, by Laura King

Beneath the wheat and watermelon fields surrounding this farm community just outside the Gaza Strip lies a threat that helps explain the overwhelming public support…

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INSS: “Reconstruction for Demilitarization”: Lifting the Economic Siege and Tightening the Security Siege around the Gaza Strip, by Udi Dekel and Shlomo Brom

Operation Protective Edge is another example of an asymmetrical confrontation, not only of scope and means of force but also of the respective sides’ strategic…

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World Affairs: Hamas Rockets Traumatise Israeli Children, by Prof. Alan Johnson

The city of Sderot, in southern Israel, is less than 2 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. It first came under Palestinian rocket fire in 2001;…

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BESA: Hamas Underground Warfare, by Dr. Eado Hecht

Underground warfare is not a new phenomenon – it started when humans were living in caves. However, it became a deliberate form of warfare when…

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The Times: Hamas human shields are to blame, not Israel, by Colonel Richard Kemp

The Israelis are doing it all wrong. The RAF didn’t fly off to bomb Belfast in the troubles.” These words from a respected media commentator embody…

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