“The parties themselves have been meeting regularly to try to achieve an agreement to extend the negotiations.”  “The bottom line is both parties tell us…

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Foreign Policy: What Washington Is Missing in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, by Michael Singh

The recent near-collapse of Secretary of State John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts unleashed the characteristic wave of criticism that predictably follows in the wake of…

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Times of Israel: Don’t silence the Israeli left, by Lorin Bell-Cross

‘Its fine to criticise Israel, I criticise Israel all the time, but the boycott movement only want to delegitimize Israel’. That’s what I heard recently…

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Daily Telegraph: Why Washington needs to open its eyes to Iran’s intentions, by Mark Dubowitz

Barack Obama does not like to back his diplomacy with military force. He believes there should be a clear sequence of engagement: diplomacy, sanctions, more…

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Haaretz: Miliband, U.K.’s leader-in-waiting, journeying to his Jewish roots, by Dr Toby Greene

Something is changing in the Jewish identity of British opposition leader Ed Miliband, and his visit to Israel this week is another chance to watch…

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Huffington Post: Brinkmanship Risks Taking Israelis and Palestinians to the Edge, by Dr Toby Greene

In a Senate committee hearing on Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israelis and Palestinians that it was their responsibility to take the…

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