“The fact is that Hamas is deterred. This comes up clearly, since this time, too, Hamas arrested those who fired the rocket … the question…

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Haaretz: What’s next for Gaza: rehabilitation or blowup?, by Amos Harel

The firing of a few rockets from the Gaza Strip toward an Israeli border community on Friday does not reflect a basic change from the situation created…

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Al-Monitor: Are Israeli voters worried more about security or the economy?, by Ben Caspit

Israel is a country made up of diverse tribes, communities, ethnicities and religions. There are rival political camps and many different approaches to issues. If there…

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Left Foot Forward: Could the centre-left form Israel’s next government? by Lorin Bell-Cross

“I told my wife I am off for a weekend of coupledom with Tzipi”. So joked Isaac Herzog, Labour Party leader and maybe, just maybe,…

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Washington Institute: EU Court Expected to Annul Hamas Terrorist Designation, by Matthew Levitt

In the latest sign of the legal troubles facing the European Union’s designation regime — the authority under which governments can freeze funds and economic…

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Times of Israel: With seemingly mixed moves, Palestinians play long game, by Avi Issacharoff

Twin decisions by the Palestinian Authority Sunday night to appeal to the UN Security Council for statehood recognition while also moving to maintain security cooperation…

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