“We must restore peace and security in Jerusalem and act unequivocally against violence.”(Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, via Twitter, 22/10/2014)…

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Daily Telegraph: Attack on Israelis in tram queue shows changing tactics of Palestinian militants, by David Blair

A driver rams his car into a queue of people waiting for a tram, killing an Israeli baby girl of three months. The perpetrator had no…

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Jerusalem Post: A Palestinian state can only emerge from negotiations, by Hilik Bar

The Israeli Labor Party, and definitely myself, are fully committed to Palestinian statehood, and we call for it from every podium in Israel and abroad….

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Washington Institute: Hezbollah’s Message for Israel, by Matthew Levitt

On October 7, for the first time since the July 2006 war, Hezbollah publicly claimed responsibility for an attack against Israel after two soldiers were…

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New York Times: Don’t Make a Bad Deal With Iran, by Yuval Steinitz

Israel is deeply concerned about the trajectory of the ongoing negotiations concerning Iran’s nuclear program. The talks are moving in the wrong direction, especially on the core…

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Haaretz: Brazen Hezbollah renews operations along Israel border, by Amos Harel

A recent article in Al-Akhbar, the Lebanese newspaper considered close to Hezbollah, seems to back Israeli claims that the Shi’ite organization has resumed overt military…

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