“The nation state bill is an attempt to undermine the Declaration of Independence for political interests. The bill will damage the country both at home…

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Fathom Journal: Alongside or instead of Israel: which Palestine is the UN in solidarity with? by Einat Wilf and Shany Mor

Tomorrow, the United Nations marks the ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.’ But which version of the Palestinian state is the UN solidarity…

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Ynet: Coverage of Israel should be accurate and impartial, but it’s not, by Eytan Gilboa

On August 2, 1982, during the First Lebanon War, the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers featured a photograph of a Lebanese baby bandaged…

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Ynet: Despite nuclear talks’ extension, Iran is still on the verge of a bomb, by Ron Ben-Yishai

A second extension of the nuclear talks with Iran is the option favored by all sides, including Israel. Anyone who knows how complicated the negotiations are, technically…

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Haaretz: The bitter irony is that Israel is the sorriest to see Hagel go, by Chemi Shalev

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s tenure was over, in some ways, before it began. The doubts that hounded him out of office on Monday surfaced…

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The Times editorial: Bargaining with Tehran

The rush of the Obama administration to clinch a nuclear deal with Iran presents an unedifying spectacle. So intense is the American president’s desire to…

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