“The violence, which spreads into terror, has to be stopped by police and security forces, with a strong hand against perpetrators, Jews and Arabs. Jerusalem…

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Haaretz: Brazen Hezbollah renews operations along Israel border, by Amos Harel

A recent article in Al-Akhbar, the Lebanese newspaper considered close to Hezbollah, seems to back Israeli claims that the Shi’ite organization has resumed overt military…

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INSS: Considering a New Strategic Course, by Gabi Siboni

In a television interview in late September 2014, US President Barack Obama essentially admitted that the United States had underestimated the Islamic State’s ability to…

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Times of Israel: Recruiting and building rockets, Hamas determined to retain Gaza grip, by Avi Issacharoff

On Tuesday, the first supplies of building materials for the reconstruction of Gaza entered the Strip as part of an agreement between Israel, the Palestinian…

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Fathom Journal: The ISIS-Kurdish War, by Jonathan Spyer

A person who I regard as the best political analyst on Syria, a man called Mahmoud Mousa, who works with the foreign media in Syria…

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The Daily Telegraph: Labour’s Palestinian vote damages Britain, by Guto Bebb MP

The lauded Israeli diplomat Abba Eban once noted of the Palestinian leadership: they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. His comments were made…

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