We have no positive information meaning that there are tunnels. The situation is not similar to what there was around the Gaza Strip … That…

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Fathom Journal: Britain’s reaction to Operation Protective Edge, by Toby Greene

With the next general election in sniffing distance, the political stakes are high for the political parties. Meanwhile the interaction of coalition politics and foreign…

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Fathom Journal: Palestinian politics after the Gaza conflict: Ben Cohen interviews David Pollock

Hamas ‘It’s not unreasonable and it’s actually instructive in some respects,’ said David Pollock, the Kaufman Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy,…

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Fathom Journal: IS and the incoherence of Western policy, by Jonathan Spyer

Western bombing of targets in the area controlled by the Islamic State (IS) organisation has commenced. US and allied planes have struck at both military…

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Fathom Journal: In Defence of Zionism, by Gadi Taub

Zionism is seriously misconceived outside of Israel. It is identified to a large extent with support of the settlements. However, the settlements are an undermining of…

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Daily Telegraph: Attack on Israelis in tram queue shows changing tactics of Palestinian militants, by David Blair

A driver rams his car into a queue of people waiting for a tram, killing an Israeli baby girl of three months. The perpetrator had no…

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