Israel approves $100 million of building supplies to Gaza

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Yesterday Israel approved $100 million worth of new housing and school construction equipment into the Gaza Strip. Guy Inbar, a military spokesman, said Israel gave the United Nations Relief and Works Agency the go-ahead to import the necessary construction materials into Gaza. The materials will be used to build 18 new schools and 1,200 new housing complexes. The materials were approved by the Palestinian Authority and are funded by the international community.

“I welcome this significant step and I hope it will happen in a timely fashion,” said UN Middle East envoy Robert Serry. Israel maintains its blockade of Gaza to prevent certain dual-use items – materials that could be used for civilian purposes or for the development or production of military capabilities – from reaching Hamas, who in the past have used goods meant for the people of Gaza to enhance their terrorist capacity.

In other Gaza related news, yesterday an Israeli Air Force helicopter gun ships struck at a smuggling tunnel in central Gaza overnight, in response to rocket fire yesterday evening into Israel. No casualties were reported in the incident.