Israeli Air Force holds largest ever international training exercise

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The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is hosting 35 aircraft from seven different countries as part of its multi-national “Blue-Flag” training exercise.

The goal of Blue-Flag is to simulate extreme combat scenarios and coalition flights as realistically as possible. The exercise will include the Air Forces from the US, Greece, Poland, Italy and France. Germany and India will also participate for the first time. The Israeli and German air forces have trained together before, but this is the first time since the First World War that the German Air Force has flown over the country.

The Air Force delegations are split into “red” and “blue” teams which then conduct simulated air battles between each other. The “blue” team includes aircraft from seven different countries and IAF squadrons which will “fight” a “Red” squadron consisting of IAF F-16 fighters who will mimic enemy aircraft.

Lt. Col. Guy, Head of the Training Branch in the IAF Air Division, said that the IAF seeks to “improve the operational readiness of all air forces involved via a quality mutual training experience” and “to show the world that the IAF is an advanced, strong and leading force and improve Israel’s international status as a result”.