The 1967 Six-Day War | Marking the legacy

Fifty years ago, Israel found itself in a struggle for its existence only 18 years after its War of Independence as Egypt, Syria and Jordan sought to destroy the Jewish State in the Six-Day War. The conflict was a landmark moment in the history of the Middle East and its legacies are still being felt by Israel and the region to this day.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, BICOM and Fathom have produced a series of publications, events and digital campaigns reflecting on the legacies of the conflict.

50 years 50 voices

BICOM and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have launched 50 Voices, 50 Years, an exciting new collection of 50 diverse voices featuring contributions that reflect on the implications of this anniversary, its legacy for Israel and the Middle East, its meaning for Zionism and the Jewish state’s prospects for peace. The project is published on an interactive web platform convening some of the top Israeli and Jewish thinkers, activists, politicians, diplomats, security experts and artists.

Fathom Six-Day War special issue

Fathom 16 is a special issue dedicated to the causes, courses and consequences of the Six-Day War, featuring interviews, articles and reviews from a diverse range of writers.

50 years since the Six-Day War | joint conference with BICOM, Fathom and RUSI

BICOM, Fathom and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) are held a joint conference on the legacies of the Six-Day War in March. You can watch the videos of the sessions here.

BICOM Briefing | Causes and consequences of the Six-Day War (1967)

BICOM has published a briefing detailing both the causes of the conflict and impact of the war on Israeli society, Palestinian nationalism and Pan-Arabism.

Yael Dayan Tweeting from 1967 | @YaelDayan67

BICOM is telling the story of the Six-Day War through the eyes of Lt. Yael Dayan, daughter of the then Israel Defence Minister Moshe Dayan, by live tweeting her war diary she kept as she fought in the Sinai campaign. Follow @YaelDayan67 for daily updates from Saturday 27 May onward.

British newspaper reports 50 years on

BICOM is also tweeting British newspaper reports from 1967 @BritainIsrael.

Six-Day War blogs

BICOM is taking you back in time with a selection of policy briefings as if they were written 50 years ago to the day. You can read Samuel Nurding’s blog on the UN pecaekeeping force’s withdrawal from Sinai here, and his blog on Nasser closing the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping here.

Toldot Yisrael testimonies

Toldot Yisrael, a Jerusalem-based nonprofit organisation documenting firsthand accounts of the men and women who helped build and found the State of Israel, have recorded a series of video testimonies of the Six-Day War, which you can watch here.

Aliz Noi testimony

Lt Aliz Noi, a veteran Paratrooper who lost a leg fighting in the battle for Jerusalem, has given us permission to film his testimony of the war, including his remarkable recovery from injury. You can watch the video here.

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