The 1967 Six-Day War | Video testimonies

Fifty years ago, Israel found itself in a struggle for its existence only 18 years after its War of Independence as Egypt, Syria and Jordan sought to destroy the Jewish State in the Six-Day War. The conflict was a landmark moment in the history of the Middle East and its legacies are still being felt by Israel and the region to this day.

Toldot Yisrael, a Jerusalem-based nonprofit organisation documenting firsthand accounts of the men and women who helped build and found the State of Israel, have recorded a series of video testimonies of the Six-Day War.

Future President Brig. Gen. Chaim Herzog broadcasts via Kol Yisrael as the war commences.

Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion offers a fateful warning as Israel prepares for war.

Israeli fighter pilot Danny Shapira recounts the first day of the conflict as Israel devastates the grounded Egyptian air force.

At the close of the Six-Day War, Brig. Gen. Chaim Herzog sums up the mood in Israel.

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