BICOM Briefing | Paris peace conference

This Sunday 15 January representatives of approximately 70 countries will meet in Paris for a conference on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

BICOM’s research team has produced a briefing on the conference explaining the positions of the involved parties and the expected outcome.

Key points:

  • The outcome of the meeting is expected to be a joint communique, the details of which are still being negotiated between the participant countries. Israelis and Palestinians did not attend the June meeting and Israel has made clear it will not cooperate with this meeting.
  • John Kerry will be attending, before visiting London the following day for talks with Boris Johnson. It is not clear if Johnson himself will attend, though he told the House of Commons on Tuesday that the UK government would be represented, with the goal of “reinforcing our message, which is that we think that both sides must get round the table and negotiate”.
  • It is not yet clear what will emerge from the meeting, but if the leaked draft of the communique is indicative, then the impact of the meeting looks set to be limited.
  • Whatever emerges from the international conference looks set to receive the same kind of negative reaction from the Israeli leadership as UNSC 2334 and the Kerry speech, with the Israeli government reiterating its rejection of externally imposed solutions.

The full briefing is available as a PDF below.

Download PDF

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