BICOM Briefing | The Bennett-Lapid Government and Regional Priorities: Change or Continuity


To mark the first 100 days of the new government, BICOM has released a new briefing ‘The Bennett-Lapid Government and Regional Priorities: Change or Continuity?’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett gave his first speech to the UN General Assembly and laid out his vision for Israel’s position in the global arena. To better understand where Israel’s relations with regional partners will progress under Bennett, this BICOM briefing explains how the new government is prioritising foreign policy relations and describes the main changes and continuities from the previous Netanyahu years.

Israel’s current foreign policy is forming around the Bennett-Gantz-Lapid axis and can be characterised in three ways: restoring ties with strategic neighbours, a new accommodating approach with traditional allies, and continuity with Gulf partners.

However, there is no guarantee that the government’s more accommodating approach will lead to better outcomes on the ground.

The briefing is available as a PDF below

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