Briefing | Israel and Hamas: Between violence and ceasefires

Violence between Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Israel escalated on Tuesday 29 May when 180 missiles and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The current round of violence ended on Wednesday morning, after reports of a ceasefire understanding between Israel and Hamas via Egyptian mediators, yet violence in Gaza is expected to restart on 5 June.

Israel and the international community are acutely aware of the pressing need to provide humanitarian relief to Gaza. Possible ideas to provide relief include the provision of a natural gas pipeline to Gaza and the construction of a seaport.

There are a number of major structural and political challenges to alleviating the humanitarian situation including Hamas’s use of reconstruction materials for military purposes and Hamas’ rejection of Israel’s right to exist and abide by previous international agreements.

The BICOM research team produced an analysis of the ongoing situation in Gaza, the impact of the most recent rounds of violence and the potential for humanitarian aid delivery.

You download the full briefing below.

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