BICOM Briefing | Britain and Israel: The New Strategic Partnership

This study of Britain-Israel relations examines the extent of bilateral trade and cooperation in defence, science, tech, business and cybersecurity in what amounts to a new strategic partnership between the two countries. With chapters on trade, foreign affairs and defence, education and science, public opinion and culture, the report is a detailed overview of Britain-Israel relations.

Key facts from the report:

  • British exports to Israel were worth $6.2bn in 2018, an increase of 132 per cent since 2012
  • The increase in British exports to Israel was largely driven by a 14000 per cent increase in oil exports worth $3.8bn in 2018
  • Israeli exports to the UK were worth $4.34bn in 2018, an increase of 21 per cent since 2012.
  • The increase in Israeli exports to the UK was largely driven by a 52 per cent increase in pharmaceutical products worth $2.8bn in 2018.
  • The UK is Israel’s third largest export market, behind the US and China.
  • UK-Israel commercial cooperation in cyber is growing stronger. Israeli cyber security experts play an important role maintaining London’s status as a safe and secure global financial centre.
  • The UK provided the Palestinian Authority with aid worth £500 million between 2011-2017.
  • The UK-Israel Tech Hub generated 175 partnerships worth £85 million between 2012-2018.

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