BICOM submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism

BICOM submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism

In 2016, Jews in the UK are confronted with antisemitism of a new type. In addition to the traditional neo-Nazi or skinhead antisemitism, a modern form of “anti-Zionism” – anti-Israelism of a particularly demonising kind – has mingled with an older set of classical antisemitic tropes.

The result is antisemitic anti-Zionism: a programme, discourse and movement that has become the main driver of hostility to Jews in the UK.

Antisemitic anti-Zionism bends the meaning of Israel and Zionism out of shape, attaching the ideas and assumptions that antisemitism assigned to Jewish people onto the Jewish State. To combat this, it is imperative that the distinction between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitic anti-Zionism is codified and understood.

BICOM has submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into antisemitism, written by Senior Research Fellow Professor Alan Johnson, offering a breakdown of the nature of antisemitic anti-Zionism, analysis of how it manifests itself, and recommendations to combat it.

You can download the full submission in PDF form below.

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