Trump and the Middle East in 2017

Ahead of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration today (20 January), BICOM has produced a series of research publications, opinion peaces and other materials examining what President Trump will mean for the Middle East and Israel.

BICOM Forecast: The Middle East in 2017

The BICOM Forecast provides a comprehensive assessment of the challenges facing the incoming President and his possible Middle East policies.

BICOM Briefing: Michael Herzog

BICOM Senior Visiting Fellow Brig. Gen. (res) Michael Herzog gave a briefing for journalists on the year ahead in the Middle East. You can read an edited transcript of the briefing here.

 BICOM Podcast: Trump and the Middle East in 2017

BICOM CEO James Sorene, Senior Research Fellow Professor Alan Johnson and Research Fellow Lauren Mellinger evaluate the current state of the Middle East, Trump’s likely policy decisions, and their possible implications on the Syrian War, Iran nuclear deal and Israeli-Palestinian peace process in this podcast.

Opinion pieces

The BICOM team have produced a series of opinion pieces ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

  • What does Donald’s triumph mean for Israel’s future? James Sorene, Times of Israel
  • Trump Means Tough Choices For British Diplomacy, James Sorene, Huffington Post
  • What will Jared Kushner and Donald Trump’s Middle East look like? Professor Alan Johnson, CNN
  • Trump’s Middle East policies will be driven by his instincts and loose relationship with reality, James Sorene, Telegraph

Fathom articles

BICOM’s online research journal Fathom published a series of articles about the effect of a Trump Presidency on the Middle East.

  • The old ways have had their day. Peace-making will look very different in the era of Trump, Dr Claire Spencer
  • Trump, Israel and the Jews: What Happens Next? Shany Mor
  • What Trump should do with the Iran deal,  Emily B. Landau

BICOM-Jewish News Policy Conference: UK-Israel Shared Strategic Challenges

At BICOM’s 2016 conference in partnership with the Jewish News, a panel of Middle East experts discussed the incoming Trump administration and what it might mean for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the region as a whole. You can watch the panel discussion and read an edited transcript here.

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