BICOM | Connect – For Young Professionals


A new dynamic initiative, BICOM | Connect is a programme for young professionals, by young professionals. Our young professionals programme is an opportunity for those interested in Israel and Middle East policy to engage, network, learn, discuss and address key issues in facing the region.

**If you’re in your 20s and 30s and interested in Israel and the Middle East, this is the young professionals network for you**

Can anyone win the Israeli election? | September 4, 2019

Israel is holding its second election on 17 September but with polls predicting neither Benjamin Netanyahu or Benny Gantz will have a majority, is there any way out of the current political stalemate?

At this unique event BICOM CEO James Sorene will present the latest polls, Bibi biographer and journalist Anshel Pfeffer will assess the politicians and polling expert and sociologist Dr Dahlia Scheindlin will explain the trends in Israeli public opinion – who they vote for and why.

Central London location – RSVP to [email protected]


LAUNCH EVENT – Media in Israel | June 4, 2019

On Tuesday, June 4th BICOM | Connect will be hosting two Israeli journalists, Eman Safady and Eran Singer, to talk about shared society work and the role of the media in Israel.

The event will take place at The Castle, located at 26 Furnival Street. The pub is a convenient two minute walk from the Chancery Lane Tube station. The event will begin at 6:00pm, and the discussion will start at 6:30pm.


Ms. Eman Safady is a Druze radio and television journalist who works within the Hebrew language broadcast media. In 2018, she became the Israeli Army Radio Station’s correspondent for Arab society affairs and minorities. Her previous experience includes working as a reporter at a weekly affiliated with national daily Yediot Aharonot; and working as an investigative journalist with Israel’s leading investigative television news program, Uvda.

Ms. Safady was also one of the founding members of the Israeli Women Journalists’ Chamber, a group created by several leading Israeli women journalists with the goal of promoting Israeli women in media.

Mr Eran Singer is the Head of the Arab World Affairs desk at the Israel Broadcast Cooperation. For several years Singer has been the anchor of the popular radio show “Marchbet”, the only Hebrew programme dedicated to the affairs of Israel’s Arab citizens.

During 2018 Singer produced and presented a Television series titled “The New Arab” (Alarabi-Algdid) which highlighted the fast changes within the Arab society in Israel and covered a wide variety of issues including higher education, language and life-style. Singer, a fluent Arabic speaker, is trusted by Israel’s Arab citizens and is a sought-after commentator on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

We hope you can join us for the launch of our BICOM | Connect initiative!

** RSVP to [email protected] **