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Haaretz: The new Israel is strong enough for peace, by Ari Shavit

According to Time magazine, Israel was behind an attack on a Hezbollah convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border Monday night. After the six mysterious attacks of 2013, the first mysterious attack of 2014 took place. According to Time, Hezbollah was trying once again to transfer advanced weapons from Syria, which is collapsing, to Lebanon, which is growing stronger, and once again, Israeli intelligence got precise information about the secret operation. Once again, the Israeli Air Force used the information to act precisely and stop the operation. Even though Israel supposedly violated the sovereignty of neighboring states, nobody uttered a word except for Hezbollah. It seems that the new Middle East must make peace with the fact that across its expanses, the new Israeli army does as it pleases.

A new Middle East? Yes. For a hundred years, the complaint was made against the Zionist movement that it established an artificial entity under the protection of Western imperialism. Then came the Arab Spring, which turned into Arab chaos and proved that the artificial entity established under the protection of Western imperialism was actually the Arab national home. See: There are no more Iraqis, no more Syrians, no more Lebanese and no more Libyans. There is no more meaning to the regional order that was shaped here 98 years ago by Mark Sykes and Francois-Georges Picot. Only the Egyptians have a strong national identity, and only the Arab monarchies have lasted, while most of the modern secular Arab nation-states have ceased to function, as have most of the modern Arab armies.

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