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Haaretz: Arab citizens seek ‘Israeliness’, by Alexander Yakobson


“In contrast to the assertions of the Arab lawmakers, a deep process of Israelification is underway in Arab society,” says Salman Masalha (Haaretz, July 28), citing, among other material, the findings of a recent study in which Arab respondents were asked to give their primary self-definition. Forty-six percent said “Israeli Arab,” 22 percent said “Arab,” 14 percent said “Palestinian” and 19 percent said “Israeli Palestinian.” Masalha notes that 65 percent of the respondents included the term “Israeli” in their self-definition.

The April survey, done by Dahlia Scheindlin, David Reis and the Local Call website, had some other interesting findings – 76 percent of Arabs say relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel in everyday life are “mostly positive” and only 18 percent described them as negative (compared to 53 percent and 33 percent, respectively, among the Jewish respondents). And 94 percent of the Arabs surveyed agree there is a Jewish people as well as a Palestinian people (while 52 percent of the Jews surveyed said there is a Palestinian people and not just a Jewish people).

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