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Haaretz: On eve of existential election, Israel’s center-left is on the verge of implosion, by Chemi Shalev


The final deadline for Israel’s political parties to submit their lists of Knesset candidates for the September 17 election is in ten days. Centre-left voters and their leaders depict the election as crucial, vital and even existential. Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection, they claim, could spell the end of Israel’s liberal democracy, as we’ve known it.

Nonetheless, as the clock nears midnight, the center-left is on the brink of implosion. The intensity of its aversion to continued Netanyahu rule is eclipsed only by the inability of its leaders to stand one another or work together. Barring a last minute Hail Mary or deus ex-machina, election that seemed eminently winnable for Netanyahu’s opponents could turn out to be their final Waterloo.

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