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Haaretz: Trump’s Gulf standoff is chipping away at the Arab anti-Iran alliance, by Amos Harel


Nearly two months after the crisis between the United States and Iran in the Persian Gulf intensified, it seems that there are real cracks developing in the Arab coalition that had been supporting harsher American sanctions on Tehran. From conversations with Israeli and American intelligence experts, it emerges that the decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to avoid military action against Iran, along with a host of other considerations, is weakening the Gulf states’ commitment to the tough line against the Iranians. The most blatant signs of this change can be seen in the United Arab Emirates.

The crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed, had in recent years pushed Washington to take a more militant stance against Iran. For some of this period is seemed they were secretly coordinating positions with Israel on this issue. But in recent weeks the emirates have been conducting themselves differently.

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