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Ynet: Iran’s waiting game in the Gulf, by Ron Ben Yishai


The conflict in the Strait of Hormuz is as much of a battle of minds as it is a physical battle between Iran on the one hand and the United States, Europe and the oil-rich Arab nations on the other.

For now, the conflict is contained by all sides, but the risk that it may spiral out of control and become a military conflict if not all-out war is great.

So far, all sides, Iran especially, have been acting responsibly and are careful not to allow a deterioration but there are two worrying points that should be considered:

The first is Iran’s increasing political sophistication in the way it conducts a synchronized campaign, using all branches of its military. he second is Iran’s ability to lie, allowing countries who may benefit from the situation in the Gulf to make use of these lies to mask their decisions and policies. Those countries include Russia, China, India and Turkey.

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