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Yoaz Hendel – 04/01/2011

“We can keep the levels of anxiety down in the face of the willingness of certain South American states to recognize a Palestinian state. We’ve been there before. Words may shape one’s perception, yet hollow diplomatic declarations produce nothing.

On November 15, 1988 Arafat spoke in Algeria and declared the establishment of Palestine. For a few days it appeared to be a painful blow to Israeli policy: The declaration was embraced by most states of the world. The UN later decided to symbolically change the PLO’s name to Palestine – 104 states voted in favor, two voted against (Israel and the United States,) and the rest (36) abstained. The world that exists within the confines of the UN spoke up.

Yet then reality intervened. As we know, the state of Palestine was never established; instead, a corrupt authority came into being under the auspices of the Arafat gang.”

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