Media Summary

The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the Independent report that Israel has confirmed the deaths of 31 of the hostages. 

The Times reports that Hamas and Israel have agreed to the “substance” of a deal that would result in the remaining civilian hostages held in Gaza being freed in return for a ceasefire lasting 40 days, according to a Qatari official.

The BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Sky News, Reuters, the Evening Standard, The Sun,  Channel 4 and The Financial Times all report 24 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza on Monday – the deadliest day for IDF forces since their ground operation began.

The BBC, Reuters, the Daily Mail and The Guardian report that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again rejected the idea of creating a Palestinian state.

The BBC, The Financial Times and The Guardian report that deliveries of medicine for Israeli hostages and Palestinian civilians were expected to start arriving in Gaza on Wednesday under a deal mediated by Qatar and France. 

The BBC, Sky News, The Financial Times, ITV News, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and Reuters all report that British and US forces launched an attack on Houthi targets in Yemen after the Iranian-backed group defied a warning to stop targeting ships in the Red Sea.