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“This is a new beginning in our bilateral relations and in our joint efforts, in this region in which we have close ties, historical ties. Our region offers more than its share of challenges but also of big opportunities. As before, Turkey and Israel will work together to make sure that these opportunities are fully utilised and challenges are met.”

(Mekin Okem, Turkey’s new ambassador to Israel, speaking at a ceremony at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, 12/12/2016)


“It means there will be one definition of antisemitism – in essence, language or behaviour that displays hatred towards Jews because they are Jews – and anyone guilty of that will be called out on it.”

(Prime Minister Theresa May, on adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism at the Conservative Friends of Israel lunch, 12/12/2016)


“We have spent too much time promoting an Israeli-Palestinian solution that is all or nothing. We have got to revise our approach to the peace process, which would allow us to address the issue of water and a number of other issues also. What we need to do is build up basic confidence on the ground through an approach of small steps.”

(Lars Faaborg-Andersen, European Union Ambassador to Israel, speaking at a seminar in Tel Aviv 8/12/16)


“Next June, Israel will celebrate 50 years to the reunification of Jerusalem, as well as the conquering of the West Bank. After five decades, it is time for Israel to set a policy on how it views its future. Enough managing crises. It’s time to make decisions.” 

(Jerusalem Post editorial, 7/12/2016)


“At the moment, it’s not clear inside Israel or outside what Israel wants. Is it two states for two peoples….or should [we] forget about the two-state solution? Israel needs to make a decision. It’s a tough decision, but without it, it is difficult to explain to the outside world what Israel is doing.”

(Tzipi Livni MK, leader of Hatnuah and Israel’s former top peace negotiator, speaking to the Washington Post, 06/12/2016)


“I decided to help [rebuild the synagogue] and not receive any payment [for restoration work]. Jews and Arabs live together in Haifa, and there is no discrimination. We must continue with this coexistence and promote peace.”

(Walid abu-Ahmed, a wood panel supplier based in Haifa, on helping the Jewish community rebuild their livelihood after the forest fires, 01/12/2016)