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Egyptians can choose a state with secular reforms. However, there is also another possibility that the Islamists will exploit the situation in order to gain governance over the country and lead it backward.

Progress towards a two-state solution — a secure and universally recognised Israel alongside a viable and contiguous Palestinian state — is important for defusing the malign political influence of Iran in the region.

We have gone to great lengths to help the Palestinian economy, not as an alternative to the political peace that we want to negotiate with them, but as a contribution to stability and to help the Palestinian population understand that there is a lot to be gained from peace.

All those who value freedom are inspired by the calls for democratic reforms in Egypt. An Egypt that will adopt these reforms will be a source of hope for the world. As much as the foundations for democracy are strong, the foundations for peace are stronger.

Europe will not turn its back on Israel and neither will the United States. We feel uncomfortable because things are not progressing. In an honest and straightforward manner I will tell you that you are missing an opportunity. History will not give you many more. Negotiations must be renewed as soon as possible. This requires painful concessions on both sides. The aim should be a Jewish-democratic state existing peacefully alongside a Palestinian state.

What is necessary is that we try and manage this and bring about the change that people want to see, rightly, but do it in a way that improves conditions for the Egyptian people. (It must be managed in a way that) means that they will have a proper democracy, but also means that the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians is not adversely affected, but rather improved by what happens.