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I condemn the continuing attempts to undermine the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which must be allowed to carry out its work without hindrance or impediment. Justice needs to be done and there must be an end to impunity for political assassinations in Lebanon.

If they are prepared to negotiate then they will find – that this government, my government, this prime minister, me – that I‘m prepared and able to achieve historic peace.

We are engaged with the parties, working to narrow the gaps that exist on the core issues. And that is something that we continue to aggressively do with the respective sides.

The timeline is not so important as the international effort to try to ensure that whatever the timeline, Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. I don‘t know that it gives much comfort to somebody who is in the Gulf, or who is in a country that Iran has vowed to destroy, that it‘s a one-year or a three-year timeframe…I think we should keep the attention where it belongs.

My trip to the region so early in the year is an expression of my personal commitment and that of the European Union and its 27 member states to peace in the Middle East. I have urged both Israelis and Palestinians to find a satisfactory way to engage without delay in substantive negotiations on all final-status issues. There is no alternative to a negotiated solution.

If you want to bring about an end to the siege of the Gaza Strip, you have to take responsibility and set up a strong, genuine and effective force to stop weapons smuggling.