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“Every January, when we listen to those who survived the Holocaust and other genocides, we don’t just learn a little more about the darkest chapters of human history, we give ourselves a stark reminder of where hatred and bigotry can lead if left unchecked. In 2017, that lesson is more important than ever.”

(UK Communities Secretary Sajid Javid on the importance of remembering the Holocaust ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, 25/01/2017)

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“My department has an important role to play when it comes to Israel — and it will play its part by investing in the right things, for the right people — but also in initiatives which can bring people together. These will include co-existence programmes. But I am also rooting out abuse in the system to ensure that that money is spent in the right way. I will be assiduous in ensuring that we follow the money to our transparency — and follow the outcome as well, because that is what we should be doing with British taxpayers’ money.”

(Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel speaking at the Conservative friends of Israel Parliamentary Reception 24/01/2016)

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“Leadership is a crucial element in national security. Israel needs a national leadership that is not driven by polls… True leadership does not play on the public’s sense of fear and nurture inner wars and animosity. There is no true leadership in Israel without the trust of the people in it.”

(Former-Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon speaking about the importance of strong leadership at the annual Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) conference, 24/01/2017)


“The Israeli public, and especially families who lost loved ones, deserve to know how their leaders acted when they sent their sons into battle, and how discussions on new strategic threats, chief among them the tunnels, were carried out.”

(Chairman of the Zionist Union Isaac Herzog calling on the Knesset State Control Committee’s subcommittee on classified materials to release the State Comptroller report on Operation Protective Edge, 23/01/2017)


“With the arrival of the new administration, Israel has been given a second chance to influence the US policy towards the Iranian nuclear programme: an opportunity for joint action against Iran and advancing a parallel agreement, an Israeli-American one, aimed at changing the strategic reality without violating the agreement.” (Amos Yadlin, Director of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), writing for YNet on the new US administration, Israel and the Iran deal, 22/01/2017)

“Here in NATO, we understand that Israel shares our values, and is an active and beneficial partner for Mediterranean dialogue.” (NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller at the official opening of Israel’s office at NATO, 19/01/2017)