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“I do understand the issue on the settlements, and I will continue to – and i do understand how they think that this could hinder peace, but at the same time, I will always stand with Israel and make sure they know that we are an ally and the rest of the world knows that we are an ally.”

(Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley speaking at her confirmation hearing to be Donald Trump’s UN Ambassador, 18/01/2016)

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“May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the State of Israel, to extend to you our thanks and appreciation for your continuing concern over the last eight years, for Israel’s safety and our ability to carry the burden of security. You ensured that we could always feel confident that our needs in this area were a priority for your administration. While from time to time we may have had differences of opinion, you stood strong in the defence of the shared values of our two peoples and countries, and for this we are deeply appreciative. I know that both Israel and the United States will continue to be faithful to those shared values which underpin our two wonderful democracies.”

(Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in a farewell letter to outgoing President Barack Obama, 17/01/1017)


“These are difficult days for democracy in Israel, but also days of cleaning and exposure. There is no doubt that our democracy is strong and will withstand this [criminal investigation]. It is important to say and emphasise that the political system is not corrupt to the core and neither are journalists and the media, because there are good and powerful forces working to right these wrongs.”

(Opposition leader and Zionist Union Chairman Isaac Herzog speaking on the strength of Israeli law in light of the criminal investigation into the Prime Minister, 16/01/2017)


“There is a unity in the international community regarding the two-state solution. We are in favour of direct negotiations between the parties, but we want to see how we can help them help themselves. We know the incentives will not bring the parties back to the table tomorrow morning, but it can help. We hope this conference convinces the new US administration that the whole world wants peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

(French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault speaking at the conclusion of the Paris peace conference, 15/01/2017)


“The relative quiet we’re experiencing is deceptive. Just behind the curtain there are a number of Palestinian groups and individuals – including Hamas – that are busy planning their next terrorist attack. Fortunately, most of these attacks are foiled by the Shin Bet before they can be executed… It is very hard to predict when a lone-wolf attack will be carried out, especially since many of the terrorists decide on the spot that they’re going to attack.”

(Lior Akerman, former Shin Bet division head, writing in the Jerusalem Post on the work of security forces to prevent terror attacks, 12/01/2017)


“Today the Court said loud and clear that the Government of Israel must be courageous and move forward with the struggle for equality at the Western Wall and for pluralism in Israel. The judges were a voice of sanity that will hopefully allow this situation to resolve itself peacefully. They have also given hope to all girls and women who simply want to read Torah without harassment at Judaism’s holiest site.”

(Women of the Wall chair Anat Hoffman on the Supreme Court’s decision to allow women to pray at the Western Wall, 12/01/2017)