Media Summary

As rocket attacks decline IDF refrains from responses

 The main item of Israel related coverage in the UK media today is the move toward a renewed ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. In other items, the Independent, Times, Financial Times and Reuters report on the ongoing protests in Syria and the attempt by the authorities to crack down. The Times notes anger within the Syrian opposition because a senior delegation organised by the British Conservative Middle East Council visited the country and met with senior officials, after the unrest had begun. The Financial Times notes a call by the Arab League for a no fly zone over Gaza. The paper also notes that Iran has expelled a number of Kuwaiti diplomats, in response to Kuwait’s expulsion of Iranian diplomats last week, after Kuwaiti authorities claimed to have discovered an Iranian espionage cell. 

Over the weekend, the main item of Israel related coverage was the ongoing exchanges of fire between Israel and Hamas-controlled Gaza. The Independent, Financial Times, Times, Scotsman, Reuters and BBC Online on Saturday had articles on this. In other stories, the Observer on Sunday had an article on the funeral of Juliano Mer-Khamis, the actor murdered in the Jenin refugee camp. The Independent on Sunday noted the deployment of Syrian tanks against the protests in Deraa. The Sunday Mirror, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Observer and Mail on Sunday reported on events in Deraa. Several papers carry conflicting casualty numbers on Syria. The Sunday Express had a piece on a new peace plan supported by a number of prominent Israelis former officials. The Sunday Times noted that two recent gas finds could turn Israel into a supplier for Europe and transform energy politics in the Middle East. The Daily Telegraph on Saturday had a piece on the escalating price of oil. 

In the Israeli media today, all papers focus on the latest events in Gaza, and the apparent moves toward restoring calm in the south. All papers note that the Sudanese authorities claim to have discovered proof that Israel carried out a recent attack in the Port Sudan area. The Jerusalem Post notes Israeli concerns at relations between Egypt and the Hamas enclave in Gaza. Ynetnews, meanwhile, reports that the US is set to allocate $205 million to help finance the purchase of more batteries of the Iron Dome anti missile system. Maariv reports on a doctors strike currently under way in Israel.