Media Summary

Egypt opens border with Gaza

The Guardian and the Scotsman today report on the continued violent crackdown on protests in Syria. The Scotsman notes reports that protesters are now organising armed resistance against the authorities. The Guardian has additional pieces on the Stuxnet computer virus, which affected Iran’s nuclear facilities, and the development by the UK of cyber-weapons. The paper also runs a letter expressing doubt that a new professor of Israel studies at Oxford will be politically neutral. The Scotsman has a piece arguing that ‘global support’ is needed for success in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The Independent and Metro-London note that Syria has agreed to cooperate with an inquiry into its nuclear programme. Metro London notes that 30 Britons are due to take part in a new flotilla to Gaza. The Guardian notes a three-day conference of the Syrian opposition to take place in Antalya, Turkey. The Guardian speaks to an academic who claims that the British media is biased toward Israel. The paper also has a comment on events in Syria, which says that the Assad regime is in its ‘endgame.’ The Times has a piece critical of a decision by British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign as a patron of the Jewish National Fund.

Over the bank holiday weekend, the Guardian, Independent, Sunday Times and Scotland on Sunday reported on the opening of the border between Egypt and Gaza. The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Times noted British Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation as a patron of the Jewish National Fund. The Guardian on Sunday and BBC Online on Monday had pieces about the abandoned village of Lifta on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Guardian on Sunday also ran a piece on a new book by Israeli novelist David Grossman. The paper also ran an opinion piece that accuses the BBC of ‘capitulation… to the Israel lobby’. The Independent on Monday ran a piece by Robert Fisk arguing that US views have become irrelevant in the Middle East. The Independent, Times, Financial Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Reuters and Sky News Online noted the continuing brutal repression of protests in Syria. The Financial Times on Monday noted criticisms of Shell Oil over exports to Syria, and claims that an Israeli shipping firm have had dealings with Iran. The Sunday Express noted claims that the Palestinian Authority is using UK aid to buy schoolbooks that incite anti-Semitism and martyrdom. The paper also had an article claiming that President Obama’s policies have left Israel ‘badly isolated.’ The Mail on Sunday ran an article asserting that peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians are likely to result in renewed conflict. The Sunday Telegraph noted concerns that Islamist parties are set to benefit from the Arab Spring. The Daily Express on Saturday noted that the G8 failed to agree on a proposed UN Security Council resolution on Syria, amid Russian opposition. The Independent on Saturday had an article about a Lebanese-Palestinian injured in recent protests on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

In the Israeli media today, Haaretz notes Palestinian plans to approach the UN Security Council in July, to begin the process of what they hope will lead to recognition of a Palestinian state by the General Assembly in September. The paper has additional pieces on a decision by the Attorney General to investigate claims that an Israeli company has had dealings with Iran, and, together with the Jerusalem Post, notes a statement by vice premier Moshe Ya’alon that a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities could prove necessary. The Jerusalem Post notes planned Palestinian protests to commemorate the Arab defeat in the 1967 war. The paper also notes that participants in the Gaza flotilla took part in a demonstration in Jordan to commemorate the ‘Nakba.’ Ynetnews quotes an Iranian Ayatollah who justifies attacks on Israeli civilians. Ynetnews also notes a statement by Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel will not be able to prevent the UN General Assembly from recognising a Palestinian state. The paper also quotes Turkish organisers of a new Gaza flotilla who claim that Israel will not dare to act against them. Maariv notes that former-prime minister Ehud Olmert is due to take the stand today in the corruption trial against him.