Media Summary

Eight Israelis killed in terror attacks near Eilat

In the UK and international papers today, all newspapers report on the terror attacks that took place in the south of Israel yesterday, leaving 8 Israelis dead and over 30 injured. The Guardian notes that the social protests taking place across Israel called off the weekend plans due to the terror attacks. BBC Online notes that Israel responded to the terror attacks by air strikes on specific targets in Gaza. Sky News carries a piece by Tim Marshall on the situation along the Israeli-Egyptian border.  In other news, all papers report that US President Barack Obama called on his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to step down and to let the Syrian people decide on their future. BBC Online notes that the UN is sending a humanitarian mission to Syria tomorrow to assess the situation of the government’s crackdown against protesters.

In the Israeli press, all newspapers lead with the terror attacks near Eilat yesterday that killed 8 Israelis and left more than 30 injured. The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel had intelligence warnings of an imminent terror attack and deployed the necessary troops in the region. The front page of the paper also notes that Israel’s retaliation strike on Gaza killed the leadership of the Popular Resistance Committees, the organisation who was responsible for yesterday’s attack. The front page of Haaretz carries three analysis pieces on the situation along the Israel-Egypt border following the attacks.

The media outlets also report that The White House strongly condemned the terror attacks. Haaretz notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would act firmly when Israelis are hurt in attacks. In other news, the papers note that the EU and US have called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down.