Media Summary

Haaretz reports Quartet frustration after peace talks

In the UK and international press today, most papers report that Bahrain security forces with tanks overpowered antigovernment protesters in the capital city of Manama. In other news, the Independent, BBC Online and the Scotsman note that PA President Mahmoud Abbas said that he will accept a Hamas invite to visit Gaza, marking the first time in four years that he would enter the Strip. The Telegraph notes that the Israeli Navy seized 50 tons of weapons after it intercepted a cargo ship en route to Egypt with the weapons destined for Gaza. The Financial Times notes that an Israeli aircraft struck at a Hamas security compound in Gaza yesterday killing three Palestinians. In other news, BBC Online report that 35 people were arrested in Syria after they defied a ban on demonstrations and protests in Damascus.

In the Israeli press, the papers report that the Israeli Navy yesterday displayed the weapons it confiscated from intercepting the Victoria cargo vessel on Tuesday. Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said that the weapons came from Iran and were intended to arrive in Gaza with the objective to target Israel. Haaretz reports that the Quartet is losing optimism in being able to renew peace talks and bridge the gaps between the two sides over the core issues. Ynetnews reports that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is willing to travel to Gaza, for the first time in four years, in an effort to meet with Hamas and form a unity government.