Media Summary

Hezbollah brings down Lebanese government

The main item of Israel related coverage in the UK media today is the resignation of pro-Hezbollah ministers from the government of Lebanon yesterday. In other items, the Guardian has pieces on a recent Israeli airstrike on targets in Gaza, Iran’s warning that the upcoming nuclear talks in Istanbul is the last chance for a deal, and an article on international praise for Israeli wine.  The Independent notes an al-Jazeera reporter’s objection to ‘humiliating’ security checks as she sought to enter a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. Reuters reports on an assessment by US intelligence agencies that Iran’s nuclear efforts have slowed. The Times has a piece on a programme made about a trip by a left-wing British comedian to the West Bank. The paper also notes a Haaretz article claiming that IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi’s tenure was cut short because he opposed a proposal by Defence Minister Ehud Barak to attack Iranian nuclear sites. 

In the Israeli media, all papers report on the Hezbollah-led effort to bring down the Lebanese government. All papers also note a decision by Palestinian factions in Gaza to cease attacks on Israel. Haaretz and Ynetnews note the results of a recent poll looking into the views of Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post, meanwhile, has an additional piece on Israeli irritation at the UN’s acknowledgement of Lebanese concerns over the need to ensure that it does not lose out as a result of gas discoveries by Israel in the Mediterranean.