Media Summary

IDF on high alert along southern border with Egypt

In the UK and international press today, the papers continue to report on the government crackdown in Syria. The papers note that at least six civilians were killed as government forces stormed several towns and villages in Syria yesterday. The Independent reports that additional Egyptian troops will be deployed in the Sinai Peninsula, in order to prevent terror cells from Gaza infiltrating into Israel through the Sinai. The paper also carries a piece on a Palestinian long distance runner training in Gaza. The Independent, Guardian, Sky News and BBC Online reported that seven Israelis were wounded in a terror attack early on Monday morning when a Palestinian man tried to drive a stolen car into a popular nightclub.

The front pages of the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz note that the IDF are on high alert in the south of Israel, following military intelligence that another Gaza terrorist cell plans to infiltrate into Israel from Sinai. All papers report on the terror attack that took place at a packed Tel Aviv nightclub on Sunday. Haaretz newspaper notes that the IDF is preparing the army for potential mass disorder following the Palestinian statehood vote at the UN in September.

In other news, Israeli media outlets note that the Palestinian Authority condemned the Tel Aviv terrorist attack and said it was against all attacks on civilians, including the IDF air strikes on in Gaza. The Jerusalem Post reports that a third Iron Dome missile defence system will be deployed in the southern coastal town of Ashdod. Haaretz notes that Colonel ‏(res.‏) Danny Terza, who outlined the map for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank for former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, has spent the past few months advising Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the possible future borders of a Palestinian state.