Media Summary

Israel evacuates Jordanian embassy ahead of anticipated protests

In the UK and international papers today, BBC Online and Reuters report on a new round of Syrian government attacks, where forces stormed towns and villages along the northwest border with Turkey. In other news, the Guardian notes that the US is increasing the pressure on the Palestinians to drop their UN bid for statehood. The paper also notes that former UK foreign secretary Jack Straw urged MP’s to back the Palestinian statehood bid. The Telegraph notes that Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said there would be harsh consequences if the Palestinian pursued the UN statehood bid.

In the Israeli press today, the front page of Haaretz notes that Israel approved a request by PA security forces to acquire anti-riot gear ahead of the UN statehood vote, which is expected to generate protests and demonstrations on the streets. The paper also notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will approve a 1.5-billion shekel defence budget cut. The Jerusalem Post newspaper notes that UK Prime Minister David Cameron decided the UK would not attend the Durban III UN anti-racism conference due to the anti-Semitic displays carried out at the event in the past. Meanwhile Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post report that Netanyahu ordered for the evacuation of the Israeli embassy in Jordan, amid concerns of a protest taking place similar to the event that occurred at the Cairo embassy last week. Both papers also note that PLO Ambassador to the United States Maen Areikat said that any future Israeli and Palestinian state needed to be totally separated and that a Jewish minority within a Palestinian state would cause a problem.