Media Summary

Israeli, Palestinian envoys clash over UN recognition

The Guardian and the Independent today report the hanging of two men in Gaza who were convicted of spying for Israel. The Guardian also notes a call from Israeli President Shimon Peres for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to resign during a meeting with the Arab press at the presidents residents. The paper also runs additional piece on Israeli protesters’ rejection of a series of measures to alleviate the housing crisis, proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The paper also interviews Israeli musicians set to perform the music of Wagner in Bayreuth, Germany. The Times and the Independent also have pieces on the playing of Wagner by Israeli musicians. The Daily Mail reports that Israeli Arab Islamist leader Sheikh Raed Salah is free to walk the streets in the UK after being released on bail. The Daily Telegraph notes that five French soldiers were wounded in Sidon, south Lebanon, yesterday. The paper also has a piece noting that Syria’s proposed reform to allow the formation of opposition parties would also ensure that they never achieve power.

In the Israeli media, the print editions of the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz focus on the Israeli government’s proposals to resolve the housing crisis. All papers note an exchange between the Israeli and Palestinian diplomats at the UN yesterday, in the context of a Security Council discussion. Haaretz notes calls for a leading Israeli physician to end a hunger strike he has declared to try to call attention to the plight of junior doctors in Israel. The paper also notes reports of increased troop deployments in the suburbs of Damascus. The Jerusalem Post notes IDF concerns at the possibility that Syrian troops might back up border protesters on the Israel-Syrian border following a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. The paper, along with Ynetnews, notes a statement by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warning Israel not to ‘attack’ Lebanese gas and oil installations in the Mediterranean. Ynetnews also notes the explosion in Sidon in south Lebanon that wounded five French soldiers. The Jerusalem Post has an additional piece noting that the next US aid package to the Palestinian Authority may put conditions on funding, including that the Palestinians not seek approval of statehood at the UN. Maariv, meanwhile, notes an accusation in Likud that Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz is responsible for the housing crisis.