Media Summary

Netanyahu calls for reopening of Cairo embassy

In the UK and international press today, Reuters reports that Egypt and Israel are seeking a return to normal diplomatic relations following the evacuation of the Israeli ambassador and staff as rioters attacked the Israeli embassy on Friday. The Guardian notes that according to an opinion poll the majority of the people in the UK, France and Germany approve of their government voting in favour of a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly in a few weeks. Reuters and the Financial Times note that the World Bank said that the Palestinians ahead of their vote for statehood at the UN could face a fiscal crisis.

Over the weekend, all papers reported on the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo by protesters on Friday. The Sunday Independent, Sunday Times and BBC Online reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent assurances to the international community that Israel will stand by the peace treaty with Egypt following the attack on the embassy. The Guardian reported on Saturday that Prime Minister David Cameron strongly condemned the attacks on the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The Telegraph and BBC Online note that the Arab League presented Syrian President Bashar Assad with a 13-point peace plan to end bloodshed and to implement a new set of reforms.

In the Israeli press, Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom front pages note that Labour Party members go to the polls today to vote for a new leader. The results are expected to be released early tomorrow morning. Israel Hayom notes that shots were fired from Egypt into Israel at an IDF patrol vehicle last night. No one was injured in the incident and the IDF was unable to locate the source of the shooting. Haaretz carries an article on comments by Israeli senior officials who say that returning to peace negotiations with the Palestinians will calm down the regional tensions against Israel. The Jerusalem Post lead headline notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing to reopen the Egyptian embassy in Cairo in order to quickly restore relations following the attack on the embassy on Friday. Ynetnews reports that Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, has written to the European Union foreign affairs chief to announce Teheran’s readiness for new nuclear talks with the major powers.