Media Summary

Netanyahu calls on Abbas to meet in New York

Israel-related coverage in the UK media today continues to be dominated by the planned Palestinian bid for UN recognition of a declaration of statehood. The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Times, Scotsman, Reuters and BBC Online have coverage and analysis of the latest moves. The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph note that Israel is facing Western pressure to limit measures taken in response to the Palestinian bid, if it goes ahead. The Times notes differing views within the British Cabinet regarding the bid. The Independent and the Daily Mail note that Quartet Mid-East Envoy Tony Blair has been advising Prime Minister David Cameron on the Middle East diplomatic process. In additional items, the Guardian has a piece on cinema and the Arab spring. The Scotsman, Metro-London and the Financial Times note the arrest in Iran of a number of filmmakers, whose work was shown by the BBC. Reuters notes the death of eight opposition activists at the hands of the Syrian security forces in the town of Homs. Reuters also notes claims of ‘random’ arrests by Egyptian security forces following the recent attack on the Israeli embassy, and reports on the weakened status in Iran of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Financial Times, meanwhile, reports that Ahmadinejad, is being drawn into a scandal over a $2.8bn bank fraud allegedly perpetrated by his political allies. The paper also notes that Israel’s government has made recommendations to reduce the large concentration of corporate power held by a small number of Israeli business groups to boost competition. The Times runs a piece by Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, on the Palestinian leadership’s initiative to gain recognition at the UN.

The print edition of the Jerusalem Post leads with the Palestinian UN statehood bid. Haaretz print edition leads with a story on Israel’s unpreparedness for the bid. Israel Hayom and Haaretz print editions note that the government-appointed economic concentration panel has submitted interim recommendations to the prime minister, regarding the concentration of economic power in Israel.

In the Israeli media, Haaretz and Ynetnews note a call by Prime Minister Netanyahu for direct talks with the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post notes a statement by a US official that Quartet talks regarding the issue of the Palestinian statehood bid have been ‘productive.’ Haaretz notes the arrest of a number of Iranian filmmakers, whose work was shown by the BBC. The paper also notes remarks by unnamed diplomats that Israel failed to prepare adequately for the Palestinian statehood bid. The Jerusalem Post and Ynetnews report on measures by the Israeli security forces to minimize possibilities of violence after the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN. Israel Hayom notes concerns that ‘price tag’ attacks by settlers could form a catalyst for violence in the West Bank. Maariv runs a piece noting that PA President Abbas has agreed to meet with PM Netanyahu during the meeting of the UN General Assembly. There are also press reports in the Israeli media of a disagreement within the Labour party, which may delay voting in the leadership runoff scheduled for Wednesday.