Media Summary

Netanyahu invited to deliver Middle East speech to US Congress

In the UK and international press today, all papers note that an Italian peace activist was killed in Gaza after being abducted by a terrorist organisation. The Telegraph notes that US officials have warned that Iran is secretly aiding the clampdown on antigovernment protests in Syria. The media outlets also note that Syrian President Bashar Assad announced a new cabinet and ordered the release of prisoners detained during the recent protests against the Syrian regime. The Economist carries a piece on Syria and how antigovernment protests are gaining ground despite the strong crackdown by government forces. The Independent and Jewish Chronicle report on the performance of teenage pop-sensation Justin Bieber in Tel Aviv last night.

In the Israeli press, all papers note that an Italian peace activist who was abducted in Gaza was found dead in Gaza City yesterday. Haaretz leads with a WikiLeaks story that the IDF in 2009 told US officials that Iran is providing Hamas with special rockets that can be easily dismantled and reassembled in order to smuggle from Egypt into Gaza. Most papers note that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  has received an invitation from the US Congress to deliver a speech on his policy for the Middle East peace process. The papers also note that Turkey said it had received a request from Israel to help stop a new flotilla destined for Gaza, which includes ships from Turkey. Ankara responded saying it was not their concern.