Media Summary

Netanyahu says credible military option necessary against Iran

In the UK and international papers today, all papers lead with the news that the United Nations Security Council authorised military strikes on Libya and backed a resolution including the implementation of a no-fly zone. BBC Online and the Independent report on the ongoing protests and violent response by government security forces in Bahrain to quell the demonstrators. The New Statesman runs a piece on protests in Jordan and King Abdullah II efforts to make political reforms. The Telegraph reports that former Republican vice-president candidate Sarah Palin is set to visit Israel over the weekend, as speculation grows that she may bid for the presidency in 2012. Reuters reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that the world must make it clear that if Iranian sanctions do not work then the country must face “credible military action” to halt its nuclear development. The news wire also notes that Netanyahu said that Israel is rethinking its nuclear power plans following the crisis in Japan.

In the Israeli press, all papers lead with the news that the United Nations voted in favour of a resolution that authorises military action against Libya. Haaretz notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN news in an interview that the world must be clear with Iran that it will use credible military action if sanctions fail to halt its nuclear development programme. Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post note that Netanyahu said that he will reconsider Israel’s nuclear power plans following the crisis that Japan faces after the tsunami. The Jerusalem Post notes that Netanyahu will make a state visit to Russia on Thursday. Ynetnews reports that activists in Syria are calling for protests and a “day of honour” to take place today.