Media Summary

Obama backs borders based on security, demographics

In the UK and international papers today, the papers note that US President Barack Obama addressed the AIPAC conference yesterday and clarified his comments from last week saying that in a final peace deal, Israelis and Palestinians will negotiate the final borders based on the 1967 border lines. The Independent reports that US President Barack Obama said yesterday that Israel is facing growing isolation if there is no effort to proceed and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Guardian carried several letters on Obama’s comments on Israel and his speech at the AIPAC conference.

Over the weekend, the Guardian on Sunday reported that US President Obama’s speech to AIPAC won repeated rounds of applause and a standing ovation. The paper noted that President Obama will seek approval from UK Prime Minister David Cameron to back his Middle East peace proposal. The paper also reported that Palestinian organisers are planning a fresh round of protests on June 5 to mark the anniversary of the Six Day War.

In the Israeli press today, all papers note that an El Al flight carrying 279 passengers made a safe emergency landing at Ben Gurion airport this morning after a technical fault was found in the aircraft. Haaretz and Ynetnews report that Israeli politicians welcomed US President Barack Obama’s speech to the AIPAC conference yesterday. Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post note that PM Netanyahu pledged that he will work with President Obama to renew peace talks. Several papers note that Hamas rejected President Obama’s speech, saying that the US cannot force the organisation to recognise Israel. Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post reports that the Defence Ministry approved the construction of 294 new homes in Betar Illit, the second largest West Bank settlement.