Media Summary

Obama meets with Peres, calls for renewed peace efforts

The recent article by Judge Richard Goldstone, partially retracting claims made regarding Israel’s conduct during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, continues to dominate Israel related coverage in the UK media today. The Guardian has two articles arguing that the key points of the Goldstone report still stand, and has an editorial on what it calls the ‘unanswered questions’ in the report. The editorial claims that Israel engaged in ‘indiscriminate warfare’ in Gaza. The Guardian also has a background article on Operation Cast Lead and a piece by Jonathan Freedland discussing the implications of Goldstone’s statement. The paper, along with the Daily Telegraph and BBC Online, notes invitations to Goldstone to visit Israel in the next period. The Financial Times also has an editorial on this issue, in which it contends that despite Goldstone’s clarifications, Israel used ‘disproportionate force’ in Gaza. The Independent also runs a piece in the latest discussions arising from Goldstone’s article. The Guardian notes an air attack on a car in Port Sudan yesterday. The paper also has an article on Christianity’s Jewish roots, and a piece on a new peace plan launched by a group of prominent Israelis.  BBC Online has an article on the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in the 1960s, and the role this trial played in Israeli society. BBC Online also quotes a Gaza doctor who lost members of his family in Operation Cast Lead and who calls on Israel to apologise for the deaths of children during the operation. The Financial Times notes that India has agreed to stop funnelling payments for Iranian oil through banks in Germany. 

In the Israeli media, Haaretz notes that Israel intends to start a diplomatic campaign to have the Goldstone article officially adopted by the UN. The Jerusalem Post and Ynetnews, meanwhile, quote Goldstone’s opposition to a general rescinding of the report. Haaretz has a piece on a new peace plan launched by a group of prominent former Israeli officials. The Jerusalem Post and Ynetnews note President Shimon Peres’s meeting with US President Barack Obama at the White House yesterday. Haaretz notes that Israel is leaving the investigation of the murder of Israeli actor Juliano Mer-Khamis to the Palestinian Authority, because the murder took place in Jenin. Ynetnews reports the attack in Port Sudan yesterday. Maariv, meanwhile, quotes the governor of the Red Sea province who told a Sudanese news agency that the attack yesterday resulted from a missile fired from the Red Sea area.