Media Summary

Obama to meet Abbas, Netanyahu in attempt to avert UN bid

Israel-related coverage in the UK media today continues to be dominated by the Palestinian bid for recognition of statehood at the United Nations. The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Financial Times, Independent, Scotsman, Reuters, BBC Online and Sky News Online have coverage and analysis of the latest developments. The Guardian notes the emergence of a Quartet-supported compromise plan intended to defer the Palestinian bid. The Times notes UK opposition to the Palestinian bid, and support for renewed negotiations between the sides. In other items, the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and BBC Online report a strongly pro-Israel speech by US Republican front runner Rick Perry. The Guardian, Times and Financial Times note the resignation of al-Jazeera director-general Wadah Kanfar. The Guardian profiles Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The Independent has an editorial supporting the Palestinian statehood bid. The Financial Times runs a piece on Turkey’s new, assertive foreign policy. Reuters notes the planned meeting between President Obama and Palestinian Authority President Abbas. BBC Online quotes a former UK Mid-East mediator who opines that, ‘nothing is happening’ in the peace process.

The Haaretz print edition contends that the Palestinians do not yet have a majority in the UN Security Council for their statehood bid. The Jerusalem Post print edition focuses on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s scheduled meeting with President Obama, while Israel Hayom’s headline announces the ‘moment of truth’ at the UN. Israel Hayom also has a front-page story on the Labour Party leadership elections. 

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on Netanyahu’s departure for New York and the Palestinian statehood bid. Haaretz notes a statement by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Ganz that he sees no signs of impending violence in the West Bank. The Jerusalem Post quotes Defense Minister Ehud Barak on his view that the establishment of a Palestinian state is ‘legitimate.’ Ynetnews notes the emergence of the Quartet compromise plan re the statehood bid. Ynetnews also has a piece on Iranian claims that Israel is engaged in the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists. Israel Hayom quotes US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on the Palestinian statehood bid, which he described as partly a US failure.