Media Summary

PA, Hamas leaders arrive in Cairo to sign deal

The main item of Israel-related coverage in the UK media today is the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal, set to be signed in Cairo today, and Israel’s opposition to it. The Daily Telegraph, Economist, Financial Times, Guardian, Times, Financial Times and Scotsman all have stories on this. In other items, all papers note the ongoing repression of protests in Syria. The Daily Telegraph, Independent and Scotsman note plans for EU sanctions against Syria.  The Times reports that the Syrian regime is seeking dialogue with protest leaders. The Guardian, Independent, Times and BBC Online report on a ‘peace concert’ held by conductor Daniel Barenboim in Gaza.  The Daily Mail has a letter asking ‘which Western nation will now have the temerity to condemn Israel for targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders?’ The Economist has a piece on the rise of Salafi Islamism in Gaza.

In the Israeli media, all papers focus on the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal, due to be signed today.  Haaretz reports on a leaked foreign ministry document which sees the reconciliation deal as an ‘opportunity.’  The paper also notes US outrage at Hamas’s condemnation of the killing of Osama Bin-Laden.  The Jerusalem Post notes PM Netanyahu’s arrival in London, where he will lobby against the reconciliation deal.  Ynetnews, meanwhile, reports Netanyahu’s call on PA Chairman Abbas to abandon the deal.  Ynetnews also reports on US condemnation of Syrian actions in repressing protests in Dera’a. Israeli media are also reporting the entry of Amram Mitzna into the race to lead the Israeli Labour party.